Video Production Tips for Beginners

Audio tests are critical to ensure you capture high-quality audio at your shoot. Get your actors rehearsing while you set up audio to test sound. Be aware of background or passive background noises. That benign airconditioner humming in the background can totally ruin your shot. Using the right microphone is helpful in isolating the sound you want—especially shotgun mics, since they only pick up the sound that they’re pointing towards.

Once you have the room sounding how you want, record a minute or two of just silence. This is called “room tone” and will make editing the audio a lot easier. You might be editing around voices, and sometimes cutting out words can sound unnatural if the room has ambient noise. But you can use room tone to fill the void and make everything seamlessly flow.

The last step is to instruct actors to speak into the mics and not tap them. If they don’t have much video experience, they might need some practice with the mics, as well as some reminders to not touch them throughout the Corporate Video Production

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